In our store we carry specific brands of windows and doors. We have multiple suppliers to ensure we care top quality window products of all types. The reasons why we use these specific products are as follows:

  • We have taken the time to investigate the products we supply and believe in these products.

  • We choose window manufacturers based on their quality, lead time, care in shipping and pricing.

  • Our suppliers have also identified that our shop appreciates quality. Because of this, we have been granted access to some exclusive product that no other window and door companies in Saskatchewan can access.

  • We carry full lines of exterior windows including fiberglass and PVC windows as well as patio doors.

  • With our suppliers we are able to do custom colouring, bays & bows, creating new openings for windows in your home, custom sizing, custom shapes and much more!

  • We are Saskatoon’s exclusive fiberglass window dealer.

  • Specialty Windows Available

North Star Windows

North Star Windows

This our most commonly supplied window due to its quality, pricing and lead-time to manufacture. View info on their bay windows.

Check out their Series 1000 Windows and Glass Options.


This is a great window for builders. Their ability to cater to a home builder make this window a great choice for new home construction.


accurate dorwin

Accurate Dorwin’s fiberglass window systems provide the best thermal performance, balanced with beauty, of any window frame material!

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With literally 1000’s of window installation jobs under our belt we have the experience and the knowledge to ensure that your next project is handled with top notch workmanship, professionalism and competitive pricing. Whether it’s PVC windows, or Fiberglass, the job will be done right!

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